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21st Oct 2018

Plans Are Being “Drawn Up” For A New Irish Airport In The Strangest County

Darragh Berry

Forget Dublin Airport, Cork, Shannon, Knock, Kerry and even bloody Donegal because this is the weirdest decision that has ever been made.

Plans are being drawn up and an application for funding submitted for an airport to be constructed in none other than Co.Offaly.

It would be Offaly cool alright. Ha.

Cutting the messing, this has taken everyone by surprise including an Offaly councillor who honestly thought it was some sort of joke.

Councillor Dervill Dolan told Leinster Express that there had been so many “false dawns” about the airport that now that applying for funding had been submitted, it’s “made it interesting.”

A second Councillor, Tommy McKeigue full on thought that this was a joke, stating that “is this for real…”Galway Airport closed down and that was in a city.”

“I don’t know who comes up with these ideas…[the airport will be] “less than an hour from Dublin’s.”

The main image, which was taken from Midlands Airport Development’s Facebook page shows what the airport in Offaly will look like.

On their website, it is said that:

“Midlands Airport Development was established to pursue the economic development of the Midlands and maximise the potential that region has to offer in its central location in Ireland.

“The proposal will see the development of a 1800 acre site located in the centre of the Midlands Triangle. The site has been chosen because of its proximities to road, rail, gas, power and broadband. This makes it a key location for infrastructural development.

“The proposal will see the development of Ireland’s first airport connected to the rail network.

“5,000 jobs will be created by the proposed development. 2,000 of these jobs will be directly employed in the airport, A further 2,600 will be indirectly employed in adjoining and related businesses such as maintenance distribution and services industries.

“Finally there will be 600 jobs induced in the surrounding area supplying services and facilities in the local area.”

Is it madness having an airport that’s located just miles away from the country’s biggest one?