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02nd Aug 2018

People Warned Over New Sextortion Scam That Figures Out Your Passwords


A new online sextortion scam is doing the rounds at the moment and is “causing a lot of misery and stress.”

That’s according to, an IT company in Louth, that says the phishing email is causing many people to panic because it shows them one of their passwords and claims it has information on their online activity.

The Irish Examiner is reporting that the person is threatened with sharing the information with family and friends unless they pay €3,200 in bitcoin. has asked people to be wary after getting 15 calls a day from customers who say they have received the email in the past couple of weeks.

The email says: “I’m aware …is your password. You don’t know me and you’re probably thinking why you are getting this mail, right?

“Well, I actually placed a malware on the adult video clips (porno) website and guess what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean).

“While you were watching video clips, your internet browser started out working as a remote desktop with a keylogger which gave me access to your display screen as well as web camera.

“Just after that, my software program gathered every one of your contacts from your Messanger, Facebook and email.”

It goes on to offer the person a choice to pay or to have their info shared with family and friends.

The criminal goes on to say they only want the money as compensation because they spent so much time investigating the person. are urging people to do the following if they get the email.

  • Never email the fraudster back
  • Never consider paying the ‘bad bounty’.
  • Immediately change all passwords for your online accounts
  • Turn on 2-Step Authentication of all accounts where possible
  • Never use the same password across multiple sites
  • Turning off your webcam when not in use.

Managing Director of, Dalton Dullaghan says he has seen cases where hackers have watched a person’s email for months, waiting for that ultimate payday.

“I’ve seen where someone watched an email for months over details of a pension scheme and just at the point that bank details were exchanged, they interceded and sent them theirs.

*Scrambles to change every password*

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