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04th Sep 2018

New Study Finds People Born In September Are More Successful In Life


September is a busy month for new babies being born (apparently people get frisky at Christmas with all the merriment and alcohol on the go) and there is some good news for people born in this month.

New research conducted by the University of Toronto, the University of Florida, and Northwestern University has revealed that people born in September tend to be way more successful in life.

The team studied 1 million people and found that among other things they were more likely to go to college and less time to spend time in jail.

One of the main reasons the researchers found was that the school year starts on the 1st of September in most countries. Being the oldest in the class leads to more positive reinforcement which is a self-esteem booster and grows confidence in September babies.

The study also found that babies born in August tend to struggle for the exact same reason.

So there you go. If you are born in September you now know that you have a major advantage in life.

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