'No one gets left behind' - 14 dogs saved from death row this week

By Fiona Frawley

April 8, 2022 at 5:27pm


A good news story for the ages.

If you spent any time at all on Instagram this week, you probably saw the post detailing the story of 14 dogs in a pound in the midlands, who were set to be put down if they didn't find their forever homes by today (Friday).

The viral appeal came from My Lovely Horse Rescue in Edenderry, Offaly, who had no space at their centre to keep the dogs.

The post which read:

Genuine emergency: 14 dogs in a Midlands pound on death row. We have until Friday to save their lives. We are completely full. We have SO many dogs ready for their forever homes!

was shared far and wide on social media, and the rescue were inundated with messages and requests to help the dogs.


In a heartwarming series of updates, My Lovely Horse Rescue have confirmed that not only were these 14 dogs successfully rescued, there's also one more pup on their way to a forever home.

On the list of things you love to see, this is fairly high up.

MLHR thanked the public for their support, writing in one post: Today is the start of a new life for 14 precious souls".


If you'd like to donate to My Lovely Horse Rescue and assist with the vital care they provide for neglected and abandoned animals, you can do so HERE.

Header image via Instagram/mylovelyhorserescue

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