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21st Sep 2020

NPHET to advise if Louth, Donegal and Waterford need to move to Level Three

Rory Cashin

Louth, Donegal and Waterford have all seen a sharp rise in COVID cases in recent days.

Speaking to Pat Kenny on Newstalk this morning, Taoiseach Micheál Martin stated that the government is aware of the high and rising rates of COVID in several counties around the country, with particular attention being given to Louth, Donegal and Waterford.

When asked if these counties could be joining Dublin in the Level Three phase of restrictions, Martin stated the following:

“I think NPHET will advise us on a continuing basis in relation to the rest of the country. Certainly you’re right – Louth, Donegal and Waterford are giving rise for concern, and the CMO [Ronan Glynn] has said this to us.

“Obviously that will be closely monitored, it is a significant decision to move up to Level Three for any county, so that will be carefully considered, and obviously NPHET will advise government in relation to those counties and the broader situation.”

Additionally, Doctor Ronan Glynn, the Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Health, took to Twitter to go a bit deeper into the rising cases in those counties:

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