Operation Emigration – New Australian Visa Deal For Irish Millennials

Is life better down under?

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Are you sick of this year? This weather? This country?

We're not condoning this – you all know we think Ireland is the creme de la creme of countries – buuuuut if you were to head off somewhere for a year or two, Australia wouldn't be the worst option in the world. 

Just think of that SUN. 

In recent years the number of Irish people to secure Australian visas has absolutely tanked. According to Independent.ie the 25,827 Irish people obtained Aussie visas in 2011/2012 compared to just 6,743 in 2015/2016. 

A significant drop.

But things are looking up big time with this new work visa deal. 

Tourism Australia and USIT are offering Australian Working Holiday visas for as low as €999 to applicants aged 18-30. This includes the visa itself, travel insurance and a one-way flight. They'll also help with setting up a bank account and tax file number. 

This package aims to attract young travellers who will most likely end up working in the agriculture, horticulture, tourism and hospitality sectors down under. 

Not gonna lie, this is verrrrry appealing. 

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