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06th Nov 2017

Penneys Have Launched Their Colourful SS18 Collection – Here’s The Suss

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

I know, I know, it’s not even Christmas and we’re already talking about summer trends, but hey! 

I’m an absolute sucker for checking out what’s in Penneys to keep on top of future fashion trends, so if you’re anything like me I know you’re only dying to hear about what Penneys has planned for your wardrobe next season. 

Good news for festival chicks and boho lovers – You’re going to love it.

Img 5074


The SS18 collection is full of bright reds, yellows and burnt oranges. They seem to have upped their game recently on fabrics, especially when it comes to denim. 

Some of my favourite pieces from the preview of the collection were the denim jackets, a staple piece that we all need in our wardrobe. Penneys seem to be taking a step away from the conventional blue denim and adding in a little twist.

From bold, bright colours to those a little bit safer, there’s quite a few shades and styles to choose from.   

Img 5095
Img 5076
Img 5078


I’m loving anything that’s red at the moment (maybe I’m still hooked on the winter collections) so I was immediately drawn to their bold, striped section. Red and white stripes seem to be a big one for Penneys SS18 and it’s right up my street.

Of all the pieces on show, I think this would be the one I would most likely purchase. Perfect for work and also great with a pair of shorts in summer – two birds one stone and all that.

Img 5082
Img 5081
Img 5083

Festival Vibes

One of the most important boxes to be ticked on the Spring/Summer trend agenda is festival attire. Rest assured, Penneys will have you sorted for EP and the likes next year.

Festival gear this year is looking proper boho – Flowy dresses, florals, pinafores, crop tops and tassels, nothing too innovative but sometimes playing it safe is the way forward. 

I can see this sequin top flying off the shelves. 

Img 5077
Img 5088
Img 5096


Shoes for the season are slip ons, which I personally still haven’t fully committed to. They are floral and funky, full of embroidery and embellishment. 

For me, I like a pair of shoes to be secure so this last pair are the ones on my list, look at those bows!

Img 5084
Img 5094
Img 5100
Img 5099

Final Thoughts

While SS18 is definitely keeping with the trends, Penneys have maybe played it a little safe this time around. Nothing really jumped out at me as fresh or innovative, but that’s not always a bad thing.

As always, the stock at Penneys poses serious competition to other high-street stores, matching them piece for piece with trends but still keeping their prices low. It’s a long way from the Penneys I remember as a kid. Another good reminder that Penneys is so much more than just a destination for a cheap strappy top and pair of fake Uggs like the days of Yore. 

Img 5101

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