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09th Feb 2020

People are sharing videos of Storm Ciara and it’s absolutely wild out there

James Fenton

After much fanfare, Storm Ciara has arrived in Ireland but that won’t come as news to anyone who has looked outside their window this morning.

With Ireland under a status orange wind alert, not as many people are venturing outside as would be normal on a Sunday. Aside from those counting votes for the General Election that is.

Dublin Airport has already confirmed the cancellation of some flights and numerous sporting events have been postponed as Storm Ciara swirls its way around the country.

With most people confined to their homes, there’s not much else to do except stand and the window and watch it all unfold. That’s what a lot of people are doing and there’s been plenty of footage shared on Twitter of the dramatic gales outside.

Here’s a selection of some of the scariest clips captured online of Storm Ciara….

Yikes. Storm Ciara is expected to ease off this afternoon but precautions should still be taken if you need to head outside, particularly if you’re getting behind the wheel. Stay safe out there, folks.