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30th Nov 2021

People arriving into Ireland will need a negative Covid test from this Friday

Fiona Frawley

The decision has just been confirmed by the Cabinet.

People arriving in Ireland will need a negative Covid-19 test from Friday, according to RTÉ.

Those arriving into the country can have either a professional antigen test taken a maximum of 48 hours prior to arrival or a PCR test taken up to 72 hours earlier.

The Government has also stated that children and adults should reduce their pool of contacts over the coming weeks, and masks for primary school children from third class upwards are expected to be introduced.

The Cabinet are also said to be examining legislation that would allow for the re-introduction of mandatory hotel quarantine for those arriving in Ireland.

Speaking to RTÉ on his way to a Cabinet meeting this morning, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said there has been some improvement in Covid-19 case numbers, the five day incidence level of the disease and “the overall picture”, but that this was from a high level and said “vigilance is important”.

When asked about the new Omicron variant, he said that “we do have to allow the science to inform us in terms of how infectious it is, how virulent it is and the impact of vaccines on it,” and more should be known about it in the next two to three weeks.

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