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28th Nov 2022

People could receive 25c per bottle returned under new recycling scheme

Fiona Frawley

array of used cans and plastic bottles

There is a catch, however.

Minister of State Ossian Smyth has revealed details of a new scheme in which people can receive money for returning used cans or bottles.

Titled the Deposit Return Scheme, there is a catch, however, as it works by charging those who buy a plastic bottle or an aluminum or steel can a small deposit.

They can later get this money back by returning the container to the retailer or another collection point to be recycled.

“It’s just the same as when you arrive at the supermarket and you need a trolley,” Smyth explained on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland on Monday (28 November).

“You put in a coin – you put down a deposit – and you get it back when you return the trolley.”

Smyth announced that people will receive 15c for bringing back bottles or cans of 500ml or lower and 25c for those above 500ml.

This means that people will be required to pay an extra 15c or 25c deposit when purchasing such containers.


“In order to get the money back, you go back to the shop or any shop, it doesn’t have to be the one you bought it in, and you will put it into a machine and they will issue you with a ticket which gives you money,” Smyth added.

“You can choose to spend it in the shop if you want or you can choose to have cash or you can give it to a charity. You’ll have those options on the machine.”

The Minister of State also said that retailers “will have to register” with – the non-profit organisation operating the Deposit Return Scheme.

He stated that the scheme is “cost-neutral” for retailers and that they will receive a fee for each bottle or can returned.

“A benefit that’s going to come out of this scheme is that people are not going to have a party and leave a lot of cans and bottles on the ground because they’re going to be worth money,” Smyth told Morning Ireland.

“You can pick up somebody else’s cans or bottles. Children will do that and will get money back.

“I’m sure there’s going to be far less litter.”

The scheme is set to come into effect in February 2024. For more details, visit

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