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14th Dec 2022

Petrol and diesel prices fall to the lowest they’ve been in months

Katy Thornton

petrol diesel prices

This will come as a relief for motorists across the country.

Anyone with a car will know how much the price of petrol and diesel skyrocketed in 2022. At one point they were both costing more than €2 per litre, which only added to the current cost-of-living crisis in Ireland.

The price of diesel is now officially the lowest it’s been since the beginning of the Ukraine war in February 2022, while the price of petrol is the lowest it’s been in well over a year, since September 2021. Currently the average cost of diesel per litre is €1.74, while the average cost of petrol per litre is €1.60.

According to The Independent:

“When diesel and petrol prices are combined it means that motoring fuel prices are down an average of more than 10pc across the State, offering some respite for motorists as their spend increases for the festive season.”

You can get a full breakdown of the fuel costs in Ireland on the AA website HERE.

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