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PIC: Is This The Worst Chicken Fillet Roll You’ve Ever Seen?

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A chicken fillet roll is, as we all know, one of the greatest Irish treasures around.

No matter what time of the day you eat it, it’s gloriously satisfying … provided you get a decent roll, that is.

Now there’s not too many variables in your standard chicken fillet roll; butter or mayo, plain or spicy, and of course, the fillings.

Most of the time, our rolls are made fine. Sometimes, they’re made to perfection.

And then other time … they’re made like this.

We spotted this disaster on Reddit.

Reddit user AlanCostello posted what can only be described as a disaster of a chicken fillet roll.

From the layout to the amount of fillings, there are so many wrong things going on in this picture I don’t even know where to begin.

See for yourself…

The roll was purchased in Leixlip, Kildare and I hope they learn from their mistakes.

Shame on them.

Header image: AlanCostello / Reddit

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