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25th Jun 2017

PIC: People Are Using Potato Face Masks And We’re Not Quite Sure How To Feel


The beauty world has seen some pretty whacky stuff recently: we’ve had animal shaped sheet masks, snail serums, gold eye creams and more charcoal products than makes sense.

Today though, we spotted a new product which has left us a bit confused.

Korean skincare brands are going mad for the humble spud apparently, with bloggers and beauty obsessives slathering feckin potato masks all over their faces.

Apparently our beloved spud has anti-blemish properties and skin whitening and brightening ingredients, but we just can’t come to terms with putting potato on our skin.

Sure isn’t a waste of a fine vegetable?

We wonder if this trend will catch on over here? Pop out there to the garden and pull up a few sphuds for your next pamper night in eh?

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