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PIC: This Kildare Tractor Is One Of The Worst Vehicles We’ve Ever Seen On Irish Roads

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Winding country roads aren’t exactly the safest places to be driving along on a good day, but on a bad day? Terrifying.

And what constitutes a bad day is, we’re guessing, turning around a bend and seeing a feckin’ tractor piled SKY HIGH with wooden pallets not tied down, no indicators, no stop lights, no tax, and no registration plates front or rear.


This is what Gardaí pulled over in Naas, and for very good reason.

How on earth did the driver think this was okay to drive in public?!

The Gardai said that “safety cannot be ignored especially trying to make a few quid. Serious risk of injury if load fell in the pathway of cyclists or m/cyclists.”

Agreed – can you imagine all of that wood crashing down on top of you? Nightmare.

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