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22nd Sep 2018

VIDEO: English Tourist Allegedly Throws ‘Pigeon’s Head’ At Housing Activists In Abusive Clip

Darragh Berry

As you might be aware of, there’s a sit down protest happening in Dublin atm as part of a Take Back The City movement.

This video has emerged from it which shows a bunch of what seem to be English tourists abusing some of the housing activists that are sitting down.

One of them in particular is very vocal and calls those sitting down “lazy bastards” and “fucking scroungers.”

Then, what is being called a “pigeon’s head” was allegedly thrown at one of them.

Here is the video:

The alleged thrower is not the vocal man but rather his friend in the pink trousers.

Our favourite line is when one of the activist replies “It’s Saturday, I have a job” to one of his “lazy” rants.