'Please put football nets away at night time' urges DSPCA after fox cub is caught in net

By Fiona Frawley

April 28, 2022 at 5:34pm


The DSPCA are urging the public to put football nets away after using them, as a fox cub had to be rescued after being caught in one in Dublin.

In a post on Instagram, the DSPCA team wrote "this terrified little cub was a victim of yet another football net", indicating that these entrapments are a regular occurrence.

Images show the dotey fox cub with the remnants of a football net around its neck, as the DSPCA warn "this little guy could have very easily died".

As the warmer weather finally begins to make an appearance, if you are out in your garden or local green space kicking a ball around or... whatever else it is people do with football nets (I wouldn't be much of a sports expert, in case you couldn't tell), be sure to put them away afterwards so baby cubs like this can wander freely!

The DSPCA has been breaking hearts left right and centre recently, sharing updates of the incredible work they do to help neglected animals in Dublin and beyond.


They recently introduced their Instagram followers to Sebastiana, the three week old pup found beside a dumpster with serious injuries, who sadly passed away in their care despite their best efforts.

If you'd like to support DSPCA and all the important work that they do, you can donate HERE.

Header image via Instagram/dspcaadoptions

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