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14th Jun 2018

Tens Of Thousands Affected As These Areas Without Power After Storm Hector

Darragh Berry

Over 35,000 homes and businesses were affected by the up to 125km/h gusts of Storm Hector last night.

Met Éireann has warned that the storm warning will be in place until at least Thursday morning but don’t be surprised if we are issued with another serious warning before the day is out.

ESB have revealed a list of places that are left with power faults following the Storm on Wednesday night.

On the website, updates are split into three different sections: Fault, Planned Service Interruptions and Cluster of Service Interruptions.

Using the website or the app is very simple.

Areas in the Cluster of Service Interruptions zones are marked with a blue plus sign and when you click on the sign it zooms into a specific area where further blue plus signs are present.

When you click on these signs, it will tell you what time that interruption started, the estimated restore time and a service information message which reads:

“We apologise for the loss of supply. We are currently working to repair a fault affecting your premises and will restore power as quickly as possible.”

Further storm information can be found here.

ESB also issued safety information which states that people should have a battery-powered torch and fresh batteries at the ready and have also said that it is best not to use candles.

As well as this, they urge people to have a battery powered portable radio in case power does go so people can hear information about the power cut.

They have advised people to stay away from fallen lines and instead to call them on 1850-372999

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