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23rd Jan 2018

People Are Calling On Social Media Sites To Ask For Proof Of Age Upon Registration


There have been calls to make it a requirement for social media sites to get a Personal Public Service Number from every individual signing up to the platform.

According to Breaking News, this would ensure that users who sign up to various sites are not underage.

It comes after a man from Dublin was found guilty of persuading young girls to send him pornographic images via social media apps including Instagram and Snapchat, according to the publication. 

A PPS number is a unique reference number that can be used to access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland.

However, CEO of Cyber Safe Ireland, Alex Cooney said that he doesn’t agree with this method.

He said: “It is your personal data and I think we need to think about how much data we are giving away, we give an awful lot away without thinking about it.”

“We also have to think is this going to be the thing that solves the problem, no, I think what we need to be doing is educating children.”

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