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15th Jul 2018

Famous Irish Face Set To Run Against Michael D In Presidential Election

Darragh Berry

After the announcement on Saturday that Sinn Féin would be running a candidate against Michael D, it looks like a famous Irish face will also be contesting.

Dragon’s Den star Gavin Duffy looks set to run against the President in the upcoming election, Sunday morning’s Irish Times revealed.

The Dragon neither confirmed nor denied that he was but it is being rumoured that he is looking for votes from local authorities.

It is being said that former candidate and Duffy’s Dragon Den co-star, Sean Gallagher, is helping with the campaign.

On the fourth count of the 2011 election, Higgins was elected by a massive 1,007,104 votes to Sean Gallagher’s 628,114.

Higgins also had almost 40% of the first preference votes in the election and won overall by a majority of 56.8% to Gallagher’s 35.5%.

Duffy is part owner of one of Ireland’s biggest recruitment companies. He also set up LMFM and sold it to UTV in 2004 for €10m.