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28th Aug 2018

Presidential Hopeful Kevin Sharkey Wants “Red-Haired Girls Playing A Harp In The Corner” If Elected


Presidential hopeful, Kevin Sharkey, set out his stall for his Presidential campaign in front of Kildare county council yesterday, where he recounted his vision for Ireland if he was elected.

If successful, Sharkey’s hopes for Ireland would include, “red-haired girls playing a harp in the corner of every village, someone cooking cabbage or someone burying someone outside like they used to do in the old days. This is a gold nugget that we are sitting on.”

According to the Irish Times, the artist spoke about the institutional abuse he suffered when he was growing up in Galway.

He also criticised motorways for cutting off rural villages and proposed opening famine villages to attract tourists.

We’re gonna go ahead and say that a tumble-weed definitely rolled past the minute he started talking about red-haired girls and the smell of cabbage.

The other presidential hopefuls that made presentations in Kildare yesterday include businessman Gavin Duffy, Senator Joanne Freeman, the founder of Pieta House, and Kevin Smyth, a musician and lecturer.

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