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10th Apr 2018

PIC: Pro-Life Posters Described As “Obscene” And “Shocking” Were On Show Over The Weekend

Darragh Berry

People online have been left furious after it has emerged that “shocking” and “obscene” posters used by pro-life campaigners were on show in broad daylight with no warning in Cork over the weekend. 

The posters were on show at Patrick’s Street and on Daunt’s Square and those who passed by were “disgusted” and downright “distressed”.

Reddit User Keniree came across the photos and said that they were at least “seven feet high” and that imagery needed to be “challenged or stopped”.

While the majority of the public commenters on the Reddit thread stated they understood the pro-life campaign’s reasons for using these posters, many said that the images were not appropriate for children and that it was unfair for them to see such images especially on a busy street during the day.

As well as this, comments stated that those who had suffered miscarriages didn’t deserve to come across these posters while they were out and about in town. 

One post said how a lady had came across the posters and was very upset by them. “She had just had two miscarriages and was told she was pathetic and had no business being upset“.

WARNING: Some people may find the images below disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.

Abortion 222

Photo credit: Reddit

The pictures on the left-hand side of the poster show what an embryo looks like at different weeks while the right-hand side shows what the pro-life campaign say is apparently what an aborted fetus looks like when aborted at the same weeks. 

This comes two months after Pro-life posters of a similar nature were put outside the wall of a Dublin National School.

The posters include phrases and distressingly graphic images such as: “Abortion is child sacrifice” and “Ireland’s next child abuse scandal might not be so easy to cover up” while also showing an image of a “22-week Aborted Fetus.”