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25th Jan 2021

Public warned against Covid phone scam targeting the elderly

Sarah Finnan

phone scam

Targeting some of the most vulnerable members of our society, the phone scam calls people up to tell them of an upcoming Covid-19 vaccine appointment – asking them for personal details to ‘confirm’ the appointment. 

The public is being warned to be vigilant against a new phone scam targeting the elderly.

According to Fergal Bowers – the health correspondent for RTÉ News – several older people have already reported being called by the number. It’s believed that calls are being made under the pretence of arranging a Covid-19 vaccine appointment at a random hospital, with the person on the other end of the line asking for people to confirm personal details over the phone.

“A number of older people reporting having received phonecalls for an appointment available for a COVID-19 vaccine jab at a random hospital / not usually local hospital.

“When they say they can’t travel they are asked for personal details like age and if they live alone.

“The caller then offers to come to their home to give the jab. Please beware this is a scam and warn all vulnerable family, neighbours and friends not to give out personal details especially if living alone.”

The warning has been widely shared across social media since it was first posted last night. People are encouraged to check in on vulnerable family members, neighbours or friends and advise them not to give out personal details over the phone – especially if living alone.

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