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01st Jul 2017

Renting In Ireland? You’re Now Entitled To These 7 Important Things


New rented accommodation regulations are coming into effect today, with updates requiring landlords to ensure there are extra safety features in rented properties.

The Irish Independent reports that updates include that properties must also have self-contained bathrooms, and all places MUST have microwaves and cookers.

If you’re renting in Ireland, you might want to take note of your new entitlements…

Bedsits no more

2008 regulations first attempted to remove bedsits from the rental market by stating that all all flats must have their own bathroom, food prep areas and self-controlled heating appliances.

Current Minister for Housing said a few days ago that he would consider bringing back bedsits if “if we can get it right and get the standards right”, however new rules mean that bedsits are still restricted – and with good reason.

Fire Safety changes

Every rented home must now be equipped with a fire blanket and “suitable self-contained fire detection and alarm system.”

Self contained homes in multi-unit buildings such as apartment blocks must also have their own fire alarms and fire escape plans, with emergency lighting provided in common areas of the buildings.

Air Quality control

All homes required to have a carbon monoxide alarm under the new rules. 

Every room has to have proper ventilation, with ventilation systems in kitchens and bathrooms to remove water vapour.

Kitchens that you can cook in

Landlords must provide their tenants with; a ring hob with oven and grill, a microwave, a cooker hood or extractor fan, a fridge and freezer, a sink with potable water and enough presses for food storage. 

You’re also entitled to a working washing machine or communal washing facilities, and if there’s no outside are to dry clothes, landlords have to provide either a dryer or access to dryer facilities.


Homes must have a supply of both cold and hot water in a fixed bath or shower. 

You’re also legally entitled to a “water closet” type bathroom, with access to a toilet and sink.


Responsibility for dealing with vermin has now been moved from tenant to landlord (yay!), which means that landlords must now handle extermination of mice or rats if found in a home. 


New safety measures mean that windows sitting more than 1.4m above the ground must have features installed which limits the size of the opening to prevent people falling from large windows.

The new rental regulations in full can be found here.

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