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03rd Jul 2020

RTE has confirmed Caitriona Perry’s permanent co-presenter on the Six One News

James Fenton

David McCullagh has been confirmed as the permanent co-presenter alongside Caitriona Perry on the RTE Six One starting from September.

The national broadcaster has announced that Prime Time presenter David McCullagh will be appearing on our screens at 6.01pm every evening from September. Speaking about the news, Director of RTÉ News and Current Affairs Jon Williams said: “David is one of Ireland’s most formidable journalists. For seven years, at Prime Time, he’s sought answers from scientists to Taoisigh, moderating our Election 2020 Leaders’ Debate, and helping the programme reach some of the biggest audiences in its history during the Covid-19 lockdown.”

The news that McCullagh will be taking the high-profile role comes five months after the death of Perry’s former co-presenter Keelin Shanley, who died in February at the age of 51. McCullagh referenced Keelin himself by saying he is “looking forward to joining the Six One team and continuing the work of our much-loved colleague, Keelin Shanley.”

Perry has welcomed the addition, saying she is “looking forward to working with David and the team to take the programme into the next phase.”