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09th Jul 2018

Ryanair Announce Thousands Of Delays Due To ATC Staff Shortages

Darragh Berry

Not the news you’ll want to hear if you’re heading abroad with the airline this month…

Ryanair has released a statement on Twitter which states that there will be delays as a result of Air Traffic Control staff shortages in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Greece.

On Monday morning, they said that 15% of their 441 flight departures (68), were affected by the delays.

Ryanair has announced delays to 68 of its flights on Monday morning.

The airline,”sincerely regret these unjustified delays and are doing our utmost to limit their impact on flights throughout the rest of the day. Customers on impact flights have been notified by SMS text and email.”

On Friday and Saturday, the company stated that the staff shortages had affected over 1,200 flights in total.

Something to defo keep an eye on over the coming days and weeks.

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