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21st Oct 2018

VIDEO: Ryanair Release Statement Following Horrific Racial Abuse On Flight Towards Woman

Darragh Berry

This distressing footage shows a Ryanair passenger hurling racist abuse at an elderly woman who was sitting next to him on a plane.

The clip shows a man shouting at a woman who was sitting one seat away from him in the same row.

His horrible abuse starts when he begins by telling crew to “put her in another seat”.

He continues: “I tell you what, I hope someone sits there because I don’t want to sit next to your ugly face, your ugly fucking face.

The man hurls a string of obscenities at her as she tries to reply.

One passenger has to intervene before eventually a member of Ryanair’s cabin crew steps in and leads the woman to a different seat.

The footage was from a plane that was heading from Barcelona to London on Friday afternoon.

Ryanair released a statement on Saturday night stating that they “are aware of this video and have reported this matter to Essex Police”.

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