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08th Dec 2018

PIC: What This Irish Kid Did For His ‘Santa Letter’ Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Darragh Berry

Our heart is actually pouring out for Newstalk’s Ciara Kelly.

She asked her 9-year-old what they wanted from the big man for Christmas and the response is most certainly ever parent’s worst nightmare.

Letter, meet fire…

This is how the conversation goes:

Ciara: What u want for Christmas?

9yo: I’ve written my letter to Santa already!

Ciara: Cool! Where is it?

9yo: I burnt it! 🙂

Ciara: What, why??

9yo: Kids in school said it goes to Nth Pole quicker so I threw it in the fire!

Ciara: *weakly – What did it say??

9yo: Ah Santa knows!

Ciara: Ok

The panic has set in for sure now.

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