An Scary Axe-Wielding Clown Has Broken Into An Irish Home

The terrifying clown craze is getting way out of hand...

Creepy Clown

The 'creepy clown trend' is unfortunately one the world has recently had to get used to. The trend has terrorised the UK and the United States, and sees people dressing up in clown costumes, a common phobia amongst children and adults, and terrifying unsuspecting members of the public. 

A case was feared to have been spotted in Ireland recently, but thankfully turned out to be a hoax. 

But this time, a hoax it definitely is not. 

A young family in Athgarvan, County Kildare have been felt traumatised following a rampaging clown armed with an axe yesterday evening. The man in question, believed to be about 6ft, was dressed in an orange jump-suit, full clown attire and was swinging an axe.

The child of the family was left horrified after the incident. 

Speaking to Kildare Now, the mother said:

I was getting my child ready for bed when I saw white gloves coming through the window. I thought it was just a family member messing. Later, I heard my child screaming in the kitchen. My boyfriend left a scream at him and he was gone.  My child was petrified, she does not want to go out for Halloween now. She was asking all night, 'are you sure the monster is not coming?'

Incidents of up to five teenagers going around wearing clown masks, jumping out of cars in Lakeside Park, Newbridge were reported to the local Gardaí on Sunday evening. 

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