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03rd Jul 2018

“Scary” Irish Flight Forced To U-Turn After Landing Gear Wouldn’t Work

Darragh Berry

If you are a nervous flyer, it might be a good option to turn around now.

Barra Best is well-known as a BBC Weather Presenter. Always bang on with the weather outlook for Ireland and the UK, Lovin Media Group has often had to rely on Barra’s expertise, especially during this current burst of heat and during Storm Emma.

However, Best would have given anything to be away from the skies on the first of July when he was caught up in an Irish flight that was forced to do a u-turn after the landing gear wouldn’t work.

“Loudest noise I’ve ever heard on a plane. Landing gear didn’t come up on the flight from Luton to Belfast. Turning back. Nightmare,” Best said on his Twitter.

And although he seemed quite relaxed from his tweet, it was a nervy time to be in the skies for the weatherman.

He told Lovin that:

“It was more the noise of the wheels trying to come up that was scary. Some worried faces, including mine. The crew though were calming and reassuring.”

The flight “returned to Luton on Sunday evening” safely and Barra caught another plane to Belfast on Monday afternoon.

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