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30th Sep 2018

Slane Organisers Are Offering To Exchange Tickets Following Anger At ‘Misleading’ Pricing System

Kiara Keane

Slane ticket holders have said MCD’s ticket pricing system was ‘misleading’ after they ended up buying the wrong ones by mistake.

Metallica are set to headline the gig on June 8 and the decision to split the standing area in half has angered plenty of people.

Many fans decided to go for the slightly cheaper Zone A standing tickets for €89.50, not knowing they’re actually for a section much further back from the stage.

Meanwhile, the regular standing tickets are priced at €99.50.

Concert organisers have now said they will exchange tickets for the correct standing area nearer to the stage.

One ticket holder named Paddy McGrath told the Irish Mirror, “I noticed the Zone A trickery right away, where others hadn’t.

“I got two tickets for a friend and I with a pre-sale code and it ended up costing €20 more but we would rather that than being stuck practically in Navan watching the gig.”

A spokesman for MCD said, “If customers have any issue then we are happy to exchange their ticket.

“There are a small number of tickets on the hill at a reduced price for fans.No different to having 3 or 4 price level at shows.”

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