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27th Nov 2018

Smyths Has Revealed The Top Toys Children Want This Christmas


The run-up up to Christmas is equally exciting and stressful especially when it comes to Christmas shopping for your little ones.

If you’re still searching for a pressie and are having no luck, then this list from Smyths Toys might be the perfect inspiration for you.

Here are some of the most wanted toys this year for all the good boys and girls out there.

Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room Catalogue -€159.99

Get your little one ready for big school with this set. It comes with over 90 school items, including two bins to separate waste, a good behaviour sheet and a chalkboard.

Academy School

Spy Code – Operation: Escape Room- €24.99

In this game two or more, one person wears an escape belt and together you have to work to free them. To do so, you have to collect three keys by winning challenges of skill, strategy and luck before time runs out.

Operation Spy Code

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise Pink/Rainbow: €59.99

If you ever wanted to see a unicorn poop slime, well now is your chance. This is something kids will love with customised poop, and a collectible keychain.

Unicorn Slime

NERF Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster 2-Pack- €49.99

Grab a pal and face off in a live-action laser battle. The blasters register hits with lights and sounds to let you know if you have hit your target.


L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps Series – €16.99

The latest in the LOL Spy Series has 15 new surprises for kids to unwrap. Using the spy glass you can find codes and unlock more surprises.

Lol Spy Wraps

Barbie Dreamhouse playset – €299.99

Barbie needs no introduction and this giant Dreamhouse is one for Barbie lovers. It has three stories featuring eight rooms, including a working elevator, pool, a home office and more than 60 accessories.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragon Sandy- €17.99

New Fingerlings Baby Dragons bring you good luck and friendship at your fingertips. Sandy and her fellow baby dragons will get you all fired up with their interactive responses to sound, motion and touch.

Fingerlings Baby Dragons

Fisher-Price Dance & Groove Rockit- €34.99

This set helps your baby learn by interacting with your little one, offering interactive lights, music, and phrases that teach the alphabet, counting, and more.

Fisherprice Dance And Groove Rockit

PonyCycle Unicorn Ride On- €229.99

Unicorns are all this Christmas it seems, and now kids get the chance to ride one on his PonyCycle. All they have to do is just move up and down with their feet on the pedals.

Pony Cycle Unicorn

Treasure X Single Pack- €11.99

Get the kids involved in this treasure hunt and search for real gold. Rip, dig, fizz and build on your hunt for the prize.

Treasure X Single

Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck Playset €74.99

Anything Paw Patrol related is a favourite with the little ones so help Marshall save the day with this fire truck. It comes with an extendable 2ft tall ladder and flashing lights.

Paw Patrol

Boxer Catalgoue- €89.99

Meet Boxer: your real robot pal! It comes with 10 activity cards and once he scans them, the fun begins. This includes Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot and more.

Boxer Catalogue

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