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08th Apr 2017

So, Turns Out Brexit Is Going To Make Guinness More Expensive


So, have we got (bad) news for you. 

As it happens, Brexit could be affecting the pint-drinkers of this country as well as tipple-enjoyers of their own – as Guinness prices are expect to rise with the nation’s departure from the European Union. 

According to The Guardian, cans of Guinness could be yet another group to suffer the casualties of Brexit, if a new customs border or tariffs are introduced between the Republic and Northern Ireland when the UK leaves the European Union.

This is because Ireland’s famous export crosses the Irish border twice before being shipped from Dublin to Britain and beyond.

The stout is first made at St James’s Gate brewery in Dublin. It is then pumped into tankers and driven to east Belfast, where it is canned, and then sent back to Dublin Port for onward distribution.

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A spokesperson at Guinness owner, Diageo, confirmed a Bloomberg report that a hard border could cause up to an hour of delays per Guinness truck travelling to anf from the North, costing an extra €100 (£85) per vehicle. 

That figure multiplied by the 13,000 beer-related border crossings the lorries make in Ireland, means that Brexit implications could amount to up to €1.3m in additional costs a year.

And that’s not going to come out of their pockets…

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