"Hop On Lads" - Dundalk's Team Bus Picks Up Group Of Fans Whose Bus Broke Down

They were on the side of the motorway when the team bus drove by

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When a minibus carrying a group of footie fans en route to a match broke down on the M1 motorway, the panicked passengers thought they'd miss their flight to The Netherlands.

Luckily for them, Dundalk FC's team bus just so happened to be passing by.

Guess what happened next!

The fans were on their way to the Europa League match against AZ Alkmaar when they broke down.

Dundalk's manager Stephen Kenny spotted the lads, stopped the bus, poked his head out and said "hop on lads" as he invited them abroad the bus to join the team.

We love a happy ending - fair sound of ye, Dundalk FC!

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