WATCH: Katie Taylor Receives Behind The Scenes Pep Talk After First Professional Victory

Smile and nod...


Now that Katie Taylor has left amateur boxing behind, it would be easy for her to get caught up in the glitz and the glamour of the professional world. 

Our Katie has never been anything but humble since stepping into the public eye and we're sure that won't change but it seems her promotional team are taking the necessary steps to keep her feet on the ground.

In this fascinating dressing room video, filmed after Katie disposed of her first professional opponent, Karina Kopinska on Saturday, promoter Barry Hearn gives Katie the kind of pep talk she may not have heard too much in the amateur world:

 'It's a great sport but you look at that house on the hill and you say 'I've got six more like this somewhere'

We're not sure how much Katie is motivated by money but we certainly enjoyed her perfectly Irish response of nodding and saying 'that's it' repeatedly.

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