Suicidal Teenager Turned Away From UHG After Being Saved From River Corrib

This is absolutely shocking

Galway University Hospital

A suicidal teenager was turned away from University Hospital Galway after being pulled from the River Corrib, it has been revealed.

The Connaught Tribune reports that the 18-year-old consumed alcohol and drugs before entering the water in Galway City.

She was spotted by a passerby and pulled to safety but continued to insist that she would take her own life.

The teenager was assessed by a nurse in the back of ambulance but was deemed "unfit" to be admitted to the hospital and instead spent the night in a cell at Mill Street Garda Station.

The newspaper reports that the girl was still distressed and having suicidal thoughts when she was collected from the station by her father, who brought her straight to UHG.

However, staff again refused to admit her - despite her psychotic state.

The case was highlighted this week by local councillor James Charity, who claimed it was a "routine occurrence" at the hospital.

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