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09th Jul 2017

Survey Reveals 95% Of Irish Employers Want To Give Us More Holidays


Irish employers feel that more holidays would increase productivity among the workforce. 

That’s according to research conducted by CPL which found that 95% of the 273 employers surveyed would back the idea of an extra five days of annual leave for their staff.

Peter Cosgrove of CPL told Newstalk’s High Noon:

“One of the trends we’ve seen recently is that people are working longer hours, as in they’re in the office more, but they’re actually not more productive. So I think employers are realising that one way to hopefully make them more productive is give them time off. So when they are actually at their desk, they’re working at full capacity.”

Peter feels that a lot of time spent in the workplace is actually wasted as he continued:

“The difference between 20 and 25 days off is actually not very much. The amount of time people spend in work not working is incredible.

“So the reality is, firstly, making them work more days doesn’t make them more productive, it just makes them sit at their desk more. Makes them ‘present’.”

Well we’re not going to argue with that. *books flights immediately.*

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