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Gardaí Forced To Close Down Teenage Ball After Just 30 Minutes In Tipperary

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The Irish Times is reporting that Gardaí in Tipperary had to bring a teenage ball to a close after almost double the amount of people that were meant to attend showed up. 

It was shut down after a half an hour as 600 people – instead of 320 – turned up the day before St. Patrick’s Day, some with fake tickets and drunk or under the influence of alcohol. 

Those who were refused entry attempted to break, throwing “shoes or whatever they had” at the doors and windows and as a result, two windows were damaged. 

Some teenagers suffered minor injuries but despite this, no arrests were made by Gardaí at the scene.

The ball was organised for charity and tickets were going for €20 but the publication states that fake tickets were printed and were for selling on to others or to be used by those who printed them off. 

The hotel confirmed that no bar was open on the night of the ball but that some people arrived with alcohol. 

A spokesperson for the hotel said that they held a similar event in 2017 which was “perfect” but that they would never hold something like this again.

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