Tesla Is Coming To Ireland And We Can't Help But Be Excited

These stunning cars will soon be everywhere

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Silicon Valley-born masters of the electric car, Tesla Motors, are set to arrive on Irish shores in 2017.

The main store is likely to be located in Dublin, and existing Tesla stores across the world have been built, unusually, in busy and upmarket shopping areas. Unlike other car garages that are typically based outside of towns and cities. 

According to The Irish Times there will be charging power points across the country, in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast that will allow drivers to recharge Tesla's electric cars for free.

Plugging into a charging station for just 30 minutes will power a Tesla for a distance of over 270km.

I once sat in one, and it was a dream

However, prices currently start at €56,555... shteep. There will hopefully be significant tax relief on this price tag though. 

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