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20th Sep 2018

VIDEO: TG4 Air Controversial Intro Of Beast Kicking Caravan Into Water After Woman Dies From Similar Incident During Storm Ali

Darragh Berry

TG4 Aired a controversial intro on Wednesday night which showed a beast walking across land, picking up a caravan and kicking it into water.

The intro was aired just before the Nuacht on the Irish television channel.

The video shows three beast-like figures, who crush fences on their way through the land.

One is fishing, the other has a caravan in hand and kicks it and the third is bringing what seems to be another caravan towards the water.

Gar Keane took a video of the intro and posted it to Facebook:

Once the intro is finished, the newsreader begins with the headlines from the day, one of which is the horrific news of a Swiss woman who died during Storm Ali after her caravan was blown off a cliff onto a beach and then swept into water.

The incident took place in Claddaghduff near Clifden, Galway.

The woman was in her 50s and was believed to be a tourist.

She was said to be sleeping when the strong winds lifted the caravan off the ground.

Gardaí said in a statement that: “At approximately 7.45am a report was received that a caravan had blown off the cliff at the above location.

“A search was carried out at the scene on the beach and after a short time the body of a female in her 50s was recovered.

“Her body is expected to be removed to University College Galway for a post-mortem examination. The local coroner has been notified.”