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01st Nov 2017

The Average Age Of Irish Mothers Has Been Revealed And It’s On The Rise

James Fenton

The Central Statistics Office has released it Vital Statistics Annual Report for 2015 and the figures indicate that the average age of Irish mothers is on the rise. 

In 2005, the average age of a woman giving birth in Ireland was 31.0 while in 2015 the average figure was 32.5 years of age. For first-time mothers, the average ages were 28.7 (2005) and 30.6 (2015). 

The number of births to women over 40 is also up with 4,175 births to mothers above that age in 2015 compared to 2,566 in 2005. This is an increase of 62.7%. 

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In 2015 there were a total of 65,536 live births with 33,480 males and 32,056 females. For a full list of statistics click here

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