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13th Nov 2017

The Danish Police Had Some Lovely Things To Say About Irish Football Fans


A solid group of 8,000 Irish fans made the trip to Copenhagen over the weekend for the first leg of the World Cup Qualifier match, and while in the past things could get a bit rowdy every now and then, everyone were absolute ladies and gents in Denmark.

And even the Danish police were impressed…

The Danish police tweeted that the Irish fans were very well behaved, and acknowledged their appreciation of the fans who had to don a Danish jersey to get into the stadium due to ticket sales.

“Well done to all 8,000 of you, especially the 3,000 who had to wear Danish jerseys to get into the stadium.

“From a police point of view, Ireland is welcome again to play in the park. No recorded episodes of football fans in the nightlife. Thank you for that. #Politidk,” 

It’s always nice to see our reputation as the best fans in the world held up. 

Header image:  Eoghan McNally /

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