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08th Nov 2021

The DSPCA reunited this chameleon with his family after 2 months of being missing

Katy Thornton

A little bit of wholesome Monday evening content for ya!

Get ready for a tale of survival. Drago the chameleon went missing from his home at the end of August, much to the dismay of his family. They searched their home for weeks, to no avail, and believed they would likely never see him again. As luck would have it, Drago turned up in a local school yard and the DSPCA were called to the rescue.

Drago wasn’t a bit well when they got to him, but luckily he received the immediate care that was required, and his family were notified of his rescue.

His family were delighted to hear he was okay, and shocked he had managed to survive for two months out in the cold. The DSPCA reported that upon hearing his owner’s voice, Drago perked up immediately. Drago is now back home with his owners, recovering and relaxing by his favourite plant. This serves as a reminder to never give up hope if you have lost a pet. Always give the DSPCA a call if you see an animal in distress.

Header image via Instagram/dspcaadoptions

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