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08th Apr 2020

The GAA is considering October or November All-Ireland finals this year

James Fenton

The GAA is considering the possibility of holding this year’s All-Ireland Finals in October or November with ‘severely reduced capacities’.

A report in the Irish Examiner suggests that GAA bosses are considering holding the All-Ireland deciders towards the end of the year as they attempt to map out a post-coronavirus calendar.

Depending on HSE recommendations, proposals include starting the championship in mid to late July before wrapping up in late autumn. The report says that there is a ‘growing acceptance in bodies such as the Central Competitions Control Committee that work has to focus on salvaging the season.’

There is also an acknowledgment that ‘restrictions on mass gatherings are likely to remain in place for some time to come as the country hopes to avoid a second wave of coronavirus.’ Therefore, All-Ireland final capacities could be cut by up to two thirds.

It’s been almost four weeks since the GAA announced a cessation to all activities, in line with sporting events all over the world. High profile competitions to have been cancelled or postponed include The Olympics, football’s European Championship, The Open in golf and the Wimbledon tennis competition.

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