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08th Dec 2017

The Latest Hack For Removing Blackheads Is SO Weird Yet Oh-So Genius


If you’ve been busy prepping for the Christmas season then chances are you’ve had at least one wild blackhead removing, face steaming and skin scrubbing night in that’s left you with open pores and a heart full of regret. 

We’ve ALL been there. 

A particularly mad technique has been doing the rounds of late, and we have to admit: we’re tempted. 

People are using PVA glue as a blackhead removing mask 

It started in America (as all things bonkers usually do), and bloggers discovered that by using Elmer’s Glue they could swoop out all their pore gunk in one fell swipe. 

The glue contains substances called acrylates, which makes the glue stick to things.

In charcoal masks these acrylates are mixed in with charcoal, so the mask doesn’t stick as strongly.

Pritt Stick Stage 831X600

Just make sure you stay away from toxic glues if you’re trying this at home. 

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