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12th Oct 2017

This Is Why The Smartest People Swear More, Stay Up Later And Have Messy Desks


If you’ve spent your whole life rebelling against being told to go bed early, to stop swearing and to clean up after yourself then it turns out you could have an incredibly high IQ.

According to Business Insider, studies suggest that instead of the above being traits we should all avoid, they actually point to people being smarter than average.

This really is the best news we’ve had in years and means we’ll be going straight back to our parents and teachers to show them that our ways were right all along…

Smart People Swear Fucking Loads 

The study shows that people who are able to name more swear words within a minute also have a higher IQ. The study also says that a strong grasp of swear words shows rhetorical strength.

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Staying Up Late Is A Good Thing

Rather than worrying about being a night owl and staying up late a study shows that people who do so are actually more intelligent than early risers. Great news for some of us. Time to scrap that early night we had planned tonight. 

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Have A Messy Desk? You Are Probably A Genius

You can stop worrying about cleaning up after you in work or at home because A study by the University of Minnesota suggests, that the messy desk of geniuses is actually linked to their intelligence. 

The messy desk shows someone who is able to break free from restrictive thinking. As opposed to organised desks which show restricted thinking.

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We’re off to swear like a trooper, stay up watching Netflix all night and you won’t find us cleaning anything up after ourselves for weeks.


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