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16th May 2019

The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Foods Have Been Revealed

Rebecca Keane

Instagram is truly THE app for food.

The popularity of Instagram has ensured that food photography has grown more than ever before.

When we come to think of food pictures on Instagram, we’d usually think of coffee or avocado toast but apparently, we’re wrong.

According to recipe website Gousto, the top 5 dishes on Instagram are as follows…

5. Macarons (Paris posts, France) – 5,000,000 posts

4. Steak (Idaho, USA) – 10,200,000 posts

3. Sushi (Tokyo, Japan) – 23,600,000 posts

2. Hamburgers (Texas, USA) – 35,000,000 posts

1. Pizza (New York, USA) – 37,900,000 posts

So there ya go folks, turns out pizza is in fact the most Instagrammed food.