These 10 Countries Have The Most Cheaters In The World

Wow, Thailand

Cheating Couple

Looking for that special someone who will be forever true? Well then, you might want to play the numbers and avoid these countries.

Condom company Durex conducted a survey recently to determine the most unfaithful nations in the world and we're pretty shocked by the figures.

I mean Thailand has a cheating rate of 51% – so you're literally more likely to be cheated on than not. Not a very comforting thought at all.

Here are the 10 most adulterous countries in the world.

10. Finland – 36%

9. UK – 36% 

8. Spain – 39% 

7. Belgium – 40%

6. Norway – 41%

5. France – 43%

4. Germany – 45%

3. Italy – 45%

2. Denmark – 46%

1. Thailand – 51%

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