These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Counties For Rent In Ireland

Average Irish rent has risen by 45% since 2011

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The Irish Rental Report was released yesterday and has proved to make for some interesting reading. 

It basically confirmed what we already knew; that the rental market is only getting more expensive.

It comes without surprise that Dublin 2 is the most expensive part of the country to rent a three-bedroom house in, with an average monthly standing at €2,185.

Meanwhile, it is the northwest of the country that boasts the cheapest rent with three-bed houses in Leitrim going for €527 a month.

Other urban centres including Cork, Galway and Limerick, as well as Meath, Kildare and Wicklow, also displayed high rises in rent prices.

Cork was the most expensive, with the average one-bedroom apartment coming in at €819 per month.

For half that price, you could get a one-bedroom apartment in Roscommon or Donegal. 

Leitrim remains the cheapest, with €384 being the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Connacht county.

Nationally, rent prices have inflated by 12 per cent over the past five years and you can read the full report here.

Guess we're all going to move to Leitrim so!

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