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15th Jul 2017

These Counties Have The Most Dangerous Roads In Ireland

Alana Laverty

An Garda Síochána and the RSA are emphasising road safety this Bank Holiday weekend, an often dangerous time on Irish roads. 

The number of fatalities this year is actually higher than of the same time period in 2015.

Ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend, Idiro Analytics conducted a study into road safety in Ireland…

“As with most bank holiday weekends, there is a heightened risk of driving over the next few days. This can mainly be attributed to higher volumes of traffic as many people visit family and friends and in doing so, undertake long road journeys.”

Idiro Analytics

“In the interest of improving the safety of Irish roads, we here at Idiro Analytics wanted to shed some light on some of the details of road safety statistics that can usually be overlooked or misinterpreted, leading to the wrong conclusions.”

Idiro Analytics

The table below shows the number of fatalities on Irish roads, county by county:

Screen Shot 2016 10 29 At 09 13 14

Credit: Idiro Analytics

And while Dublin and Cork might, at first glance, seem to have the most hazardous road, it is Longford and Monaghan that actually are the most dangerous roads in Ireland.

Both Longford and Monaghan have low populations, low road lengths, a low amount of vehicles on the road and low average distance travelled, but it was found that they have a high proportional fatality rate averaged over 2014 and 2015.

More information on this Idiro Analytics report can be found here.

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