'Things You Can Say Both During Sex And During A Funeral' Is Trending On Twitter And It's GAS

"It won't always be this hard"

Twitter Trend

Sometimes the most random shite starts doing the rounds on Twitter, and before you know it it's been picked up by countless people all across the globe who are suddenly comic geniuses.

So it is with 'Things you can say both during sex and during a funeral' - the latest trend to provide entertainment for the world.

It started a Reddit thread, with someone asking the (fantastic) question of: 'What is something that you can say that would be both appropriate during sex and during funeral?'

And the answers were top notch.

"I came as soon as I could"

"I know she touched everyone in this room"

"It was the second stroke that did it..."

And now Irish twitter-sphere is in on the joke. Here's the best ones we've seen:

Can you think of anything else to add?

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